BLODARV have inked a deal with the Dutch record label SOULSELLER RECORDS for the release and world-wide distribution of the band's upcoming full-length album "The Illuminating Darkness" which will be available in CD, Digital and 12" Vinyl formats in 2019.

Aside from having recently signed bands such as USURPER, DEATHCULT, PATRIA and GRAVDAL to their roster, SOULSELLER RECORDS have also been instrumental in the official re-issues of various Black Metal classics classics from bands such as GORGOROTH, OPHTHALAMIA, VED BUENS ENDE, OLD FUNERAL, DEN SAAKALDTE, THORNIUM and ANCIENT, to name but a few.

Commenting on the decision to sign with SOULSELLER RECORDS, BLODARV had this to say:

"We have to say that we are really looking forward to working with Soulseller - a cooperation that will greatly benefit both the band and the fans. Soulseller have proven themselves to be a label of some note with a great many quality releases over the years, and we are more than satisfied to be working with them on the upcoming album.

One of the things that was very important to us was that this album should also be released on Vinyl. Not only because many of our fans prefer vinyl over other formats, but also because as soon as we had written the first track, we all felt that vinyl was where it belonged, an, as a consequence, the whole album was created with that particular medium in mind.

Another aspect to signing with Soulseller was the availability issue. Up until now, once we had sold out of our releases at the official BLODARV store in Denmark it has been extremely difficult, not to mention very expensive, for our European fans and followers to get their hands on them. Ordering from Mexico, where our previous label and their distro were situated, meant that fans in Europe were hit with taxes, customs charges and prohibitive postal costs, whilst we ourselves could only stock a very small number, as all our releases had been limited to 1,000 copies. With Soulseller this will all change.

There are, of course, a few more reasons why we are looking forward to this co operation, not least of which are trust, shared visions and goals, dedication, artistic freedom, and the excellent communication we have with Soulseller."

More info about "The Illuminating Darkness" will be available soon, but in the meantime BLODARV recently gave fans an insight into what they could expect from the album by premiering the track "A dark trail of Death" which is available to stream or download at the following:

Bandcamp : youtube : Soundcloud :

More information about BLODARV can be found on the band's Facebook page at and Website at

"Blodarv photo by Pascal Strage / Strage666


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Until now, BLODARV have been quite secretive when it comes to revealing details about their forthcoming full length album. In fact, the only thing that the band has so far revealed is that the title of the album would be "The Illuminating Darkness". The silence, however, is now about to be broken, as the band is premiering a track from "The Illuminating Darkness" in order to give fans a first taste of the dark and haunting journey that the album has in store for them. The track, "A Dark Trail of Death", can be streamed or downloaded with lyrics via the following: Bandcamp : YouTube : Soundcloud : Commenting on the choice of "A dark trail of death", Blodarv said: "we are aware that it is usual for band premiering a track from a forthcoming album, to choose either the title track, or a track that "musically represents the entire album". But BLODARV have never been your typical band, nor have we been known to do things the usual way, and this time it's no different. In fact, "A Dark Trail of Death" stands out from the rest of "The Illuminating Darkness" in the sense that it’s the slowest song on the entire album. "Whilst the rest of the tracks on "The Illuminating Darkness" are much more up-tempo, even compared to previous releases, we chose "A Dark Trail of Death" as a first taste of the upcoming album anyway because, even though it stands out tempo wise, it is still perfect to represent the album because it is soaked through with the essence and atmosphere of "The Illuminating Darkness". "A dark trail of death" was recorded over two different periods. Drums and first guitar were recorded in 2016 at Anwill-Recordings, whereas vocals and the rest of the instruments were recorded in 2018 at HammerArt & Studio's on the island of Bornholm. Photo-art for " A dark trail of death" is by Blodarv and HammerArt & Studio's. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Band Contact : Band camp: Website : Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud: Webshop: Myspace: Reverbnation: Management: H & S Artwork:


After more than a year of silence on the subject, we are now ready to reveal our new drummer and full time member Galheim! ( DENIAL OF GOD, AD NOCTUM, EXMORTEM, LIVJATAN). Not only do we consider Galheim to be the best Danish drummer that ever walked this earth, but also, and even more important, we consider him the only real match for BLODARV both from a musical perspective, but also when it comes to the ideology, visions, and essence of the band.  So much so, in fact, that we actually neither looked anywhere else, nor accepted any applications from anyone to take over the drummers vacancy.  Everyone in the band was in agreement that we didn’t just want a great drummer, we also wanted one who was hewn from the same rock as BLODARV, and Galheim was that person. GALHEIM has his roots firmly planted in the Danish Black Metal scene of the 90’s and is someone we can connect and sync with, both musically and on a personal level, because he shares and understands the passion and dedication that goes into a lifework such as BLODARV. Not only do we want to keep the flame burning, we want to add fuel to the fire, elevate the band, and sharpen the knife that is BLODARV. We are now dedicating as much time as possible to rehearsing a formidable new stage show, and ensuring that BLODARV’s raven banner will soon once again flutter proudly on stage as we return stronger, darker, and more powerful than ever before!  ALL HAIL GALHEIM! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Band Contact : Website : Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Soundcloud: Webshop: Myspace: Reverbnation: Management: Label: H & S Artwork:


  20 years ago, on Feb 1. 1998 we launched the original “BURN YOUR LOCAL CHURCH” campaign through our prod/distro here in Denmark, which included shirts, posters, stickers, flyers etc.  To mark this occasion and the 20 years that has passed, we today launch a limited edition of fluid/gasoline lighters, only available from the official BLODARV store


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blodarv videos

  • The illuminating darkness -Trailer 1
    The illuminating darkness -Trailer 1
  • Moon gazer
    Moon gazer
  • A snowy night in november
    A snowy night in november
  • Civitas Diaboli
    Civitas Diaboli
  • Flamekeeper
  • Korset på bålet - Live
    Korset på bålet - Live
  • I blæk og blod
    I blæk og blod
  • I hulernes rige
    I hulernes rige


A limited cassette edition of the 2012 BLODARV album "Gâst" has been released today by Blackwood Productions and is now available from the official BLODARV store at or directly from DWP at

"Blackwood Productions are honoured to announce the imminent cassette release of "Gâst" by Danish Black Metal horde BLODARV. Blodarv have carved a name for themselves in the Black Metal underground since the inception in 1994 and "Gâst" their most recent full length -originally released on CD by Self Mutilation Services in 2012- is a stunning slap of raw and passionate Black Metal, perfectly balancing demonic agression and haunting melodies." -BWP

Limited to 100 copies



A Snowy Night In November

I Blaek Og Blod

Korset Paa Baalet

The Heart Of Art

Lonely Journey

Surrounded By Dust

Into The Halls Of Orion



“Blackwood Productions are honoured to announce the imminent cassette release of 'Gâst' by Danish Black Metal horde, BLODARV.  Blodarv have carved a name for themselves in the black metal underground, since the inception in 1994 and 'Gâst' their most recent full length (originally released on CD by Self Mutilation Services in 2012) is a stunning slab of raw and passionate black metal, perfectly balancing demonic aggression and haunting melodies.  The cassette will be unleashed in September 2017, with pre-order details available in the coming weeks!” – DWP


OCD Flyer Re-release of the original “Mysteriis” demo from 1999/2000 + 3 bonus tracks from the first demo “Murder In The Name Of Satan”. Album will be released in the first half of 2017 on O.C.D. limited to 1000 CDs. (will also be available from the official BLODARV STORE at ) Tracklist: 1. Forseglet Forevig 2. Dæmonstormens Tid 3. Power Of A Soul 4. Memories From A Long Forgotten Past 5. Sacrifices To The Devil (version 2) 6. Kaldet Fra Fjeldet 7. Den Røde Sten 8. Heksen 9. Where The Beast Dwell 10. Disgusting Beauty 11. Sacrifices To The Devil (version 1) 12. Under Satans Vinger

TOWARDS 2017..

Blodarv live at N.O.T.B.A nov 2016 The last night of the year is creeping in on us, and a massive hail shall be given to all who has walked with us through the fire of 2016! All who has shown their support, bought the albums, showed up at the concerts, shared, posted about, and expanded the universe of BLODARV. To all who has followed us through the endless paths of illuminating darkness, in this and the many years that has passed! HAIL!! ..The journey continues in 2017 where we unleash our new full length album!


New full length album blodarv BLODARVs front man Hugin has been brewing on new tracks and lyrics ever since the band finished the recordings of the Flamekeeper vinyl that was relased by Self Mutilation Services last year, and everyone in the band is right now working intensely and with great eager on the upcoming album that once more will send the fans and followers into a journey down new paths in the illuminating darkness of BLODARVs demonical universe. Concerning the upcoming album Hugin says: “Already after the first 80 hours in the studio, I can honestly say that the new full length will be some of the best we’ve ever made! It will take you down the memory lane to the early and mid 90´s when Black Metal was Black Metal, filled with heart and soul and strong original ideas, unpolluted by the masses and the halfhearted acts that followed the scene in the many years after. This album will open your mind again, leave you breathless and nostalgic, make the hair in the back of your neck stands up, and you’ll remember why you started listening to Black Metal in the first place” *Further details about the upcoming album will be revealed later this year here on the official BLODARV website Additional BLODARV information: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud: Webshop: Twitter: Reverbnation: Myspace: Management: Record label: For Interviews & booking, contact BLODARV:


The 14 year old (2002) BLODARV / SILVA NIGRA Split CD. Re-released by OBSCURE CHAOS DISTRO in 2015.

Re-released in a special version with new cover art and a different end track. Limited to 1000 copies.

Order directly from Blodarv at the official Blodarv shop


Track list:


  1. Thousand Wounds On My Body
  2. Power Of A Soul
  3. Under Satans Vinger
  4. Langt Vaek Fra Livet
  5. Those Who Speak In Minds


  1. Intro (Tisícileté Ozvêny Podzemních Zivlu)
  2. Symbol Nenávisti
  3. Zeme Nikoho
  4. Zlatý Úsvit
  5. Zaniklá Ríse Prastarého Impéria
  6. Outro ( Skalní Hrozba)


BLODARV “FLAMEKEEPER” RELEASED ON HALLOWEENS NIGHT ON 7” VINYL & BOX EDITION!! Blodarv Albums i kassevis   “FLAMEKEEPER” 7” EP Limited to 500 copies “FLAMEKEEPER” “CEREMONIAL BOX” Edition Limited to 50 units From the illuminating darkness, the demons speaks again! The long awaited BLODARV “Flamekeeper” vinyl was released on Halloween night this Saturday October 31. 2015 on Self Mutilation Services As fans and followers knows, nothing is done half-hearted in BLODARV and this new release is no different. Its in all ways a unique release, and the diehard edition especially, coming with some very special extras included that you surely haven’t received with any album before. Beside from being the first album release with newest BLODARV member Fjorgynn on drums, the “Flamekeeper” 7” EP is also be the first vinyl release from the band in 10 years! The Ep is as stated above, released in a regular version limited to 500 copies & a diehard “Cermonial box” limited to only 50 units on SELF MUTILATION SERVICES.  “Flamekeeper” itself, is a release that is very personal to Hugin, who wants it to be a very special hail to the fans, some of whom have been following for more than twenty years, since the release of the “Misanthropia/Misanthropia demo” back in 1994 which marked the first step planted on a journey that with time would become BLODARV as we know it today. To this end, the frontman has gone to great lengths to hand craft some of the contents in the box edition himself, and has ensured that the label sourced a high quality wooden box that will be a collector’s item for years to come. “Ten times of candles five, ancient flame stay tonight, with fire, air, blood and stones, a piece of your strength I put in these bones!”
Concerning the Flamekeeper EP Hugin says : “We have a strong connection to our fans and followers, that’s why I crafted the fifty amulets out of the goat bones, and why I choose to put one in each of the limited box sets together with one of the candles used in the ceremony for the most diehard fans... The new tracks on “Flamekeeper” salutes the power of the ancient flame, the fire that feeds us and the fire that eats us. Its about putting demons into art, protecting the old, and once again send the listener into the dark demon filled universe of BLODARV. It´s about creating great Black Metal and also give the fans something unique and personal together with the album beside the music, like it was done in the early years of the Black Metal Underground. Its a hail to lust and blasphemy, to powerful energies, to the moon and the beast of the night, to the powers we got inside, to the nights where the flame burns bright, where souls and demons and worlds unite, it’s a hail to the power with a thousand names, a hail to the power of the ancient flame. For thousands of  nights in its illuminating darkness “.
Box set includes:
  • EP box – A carved wooden box  for storing all the objects included
  • Flamekeeper 7" EP – In black vinyl
  • EP cover - same as regular version of ”Flamekeeper” limited to 500 units
  • Back Patch- 23 cm embroidered
  • Sticker – 9 x 9 cm
  • 2 Lyric/photo sheets – one photo sheet and one lyric sheet
  • Necklace/amulet- Crafted from goat bones From the island of Bornholm (The bones that also features on EP cover). Necklaces are numbered by hand on back of necklace
  • Black candle- from the ceremony during which the necklaces/amulets was crafted
  • Black jewelry bag- for necklace/amulet
  • Guitar pick – 0,73mm with” Flamekeeper“print and BLODARV Logo (two-side print)

“Flamekeeper” 7 EP (Regular Ed.) includes: Cover, Lyric-sheet and EP in black vinyl. Both versions of “flamekeeper” can be ordered from the official BLODARV Shop and Self mutilation Services  &
ADDITIONAL BLODARV INFORMATION: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud: Webshop: Twitter: Reverbnation: Myspace: Management: Record label: For Interviews & booking, contact BLODARV: