Biography of Blodarv

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Biography of Blodarv:

In 1994 whilst playing in MISANTHROPIA Hugin wrote the first lyrics and riffs for what was to become the one-man Black Metal band BLODARV. The writing and composing for BLODARV continued side running with Hugin playing in Black Metal bands such as MISANTHROPIA, ARANRUTH and SANSÂGER ( 1994-1998), and in 1999 the first BLODARV demo, "Murder in the Name of Satan", was released upon mankind.   The year 2000 saw the release of BLODARV’s "Mysteriis" demo, a work that took 1,700 hours over a period of eleven months of sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears to produce, and with "Mysteriis" the foundations of BLODARV were firmly laid down. Hugin demonstrated that he was prepared to use sometimes surprising features in order to create the sound that he wanted for the band, a sound that would be evocative of the visions that are given a voice through his lyrical creations.   In 2002 Hugin took his one-man project and started to turn it into a fully fledged band. With Hugin on vocals and the addition of Huul (TAAGEFOLKET, D.O.G) on bass and Isaz (FEIKN, DENIAL OF GOD) on female vocals, and with a session guitarist and session drummer joining in 2003 BLODARV had a full line up.   The session musicians were eventually kicked out a year later and replaced in 2006 by permanent members Pest (SEPULCHRAL CRIES) on guitar and session member Ynleborgaz (ANGANTYR,MAKE A CHANGE..) on drums. The same year Satinae Ma was also brought in to replace the departing Isaz, and a solid BLODARV live and studio line up was completed.   Later on, in 2012 Fjorgynn (FJORSVARTNIR) joined the band on drums, but was replaced by drummer Galheim (DENIAL OF GOD, AD NOCTUM, EXMORTEM, LIVJATAN) In march 2018   Following on from the "Mysteriis" demo, between 2000 and up till today, several BLODARV releases has haunted the scene, including CDs, 7"Ep’s and LP formats, such as "Soulcollector" "Linaria Amlech" "Civitas Diaboli" "Gâst" "Flamekeeper" & more, and today BLODARV is concidered one of the leading acts in Danish Black Metal.   But facts alone can’t possibly describe what BLODARV is all about. BLODARV is the link between the known and the unknown.It is the physical incarnation of Hugin’s mind brought to life through BLODARVs music and lyrics. Like the storytellers of old BLODARV leads the listener through a dark, evil, demonic world, peopled by lost souls, witches and demons. It is a journey that disturbs, and at the same time enriches, those who embark on it.