After more than a year of silence on the subject, we are now ready to reveal our new drummer and full time member Galheim! ( DENIAL OF GOD, AD NOCTUM, EXMORTEM, LIVJATAN). Not only do we consider Galheim to be the best Danish drummer that ever walked this earth, but also, and even more important, we consider him the only real match for BLODARV both from a musical perspective, but also when it comes to the ideology, visions, and essence of the band.  So much so, in fact, that we actually neither looked anywhere else, nor accepted any applications from anyone to take over the drummers vacancy.  Everyone in the band was in agreement that we didn’t just want a great drummer, we also wanted one who was hewn from the same rock as BLODARV, and Galheim was that person. GALHEIM has his roots firmly planted in the Danish Black Metal scene of the 90’s and is someone we can connect and sync with, both musically and on a personal level, because he shares and understands the passion and dedication that goes into a lifework such as BLODARV. Not only do we want to keep the flame burning, we want to add fuel to the fire, elevate the band, and sharpen the knife that is BLODARV. We are now dedicating as much time as possible to rehearsing a formidable new stage show, and ensuring that BLODARV’s raven banner will soon once again flutter proudly on stage as we return stronger, darker, and more powerful than ever before!  ALL HAIL GALHEIM! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Band Contact : Website : Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Soundcloud: Webshop: Myspace: Reverbnation: Management: Label: H & S Artwork:

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