Answered by Hugin of BLODARV October 21 2017 

New full length album blodarv

How are you? And what's new and current at Blodarv?
Well,  beside from a couple of re-releases of some of our old albums, all our focus this year has been put into the upcoming full length album “The Illuminating Darkness” which will unleash in 2018.We have taken a one-year break from all live activities in 2017, both because of the album but also because we are currently in the process of changing to a new drummer, and this break from live shows has made it possible for us to put all our time, soul and effort into the upcoming full length album instead.
So can you reveal anything here about this upcoming album?
Well basically I’ve been brewing on these tracks ever since we finished the recordings of the Flamekeeper 7” vinyl that was released by Self Mutilation Services 2 years ago, but the first studio recordings for this full length began in July 2016 where we spend a week in the Anvil studio in Copenhagen recording drums & guitar tracks, and after getting these recordings down we travelled back to the island of Bornholm were the rest of the album is now being finished at HammerArt & Studio’s . As for deeper details about the theme and concept of the album we are keeping things close at this stage and can’t reveal too much. We have however released a short trailer that might give you some idea about it. You can find this trailer on our website, youtube etc. just search for “The Illuminating Darkness Trailer 1”.   Further details will be revealed on our official websites in the nearest future.
Speaking of “Flamekeeper” ep, the band’s latest work, what is the main lyrical concept behind it?
It’s a salutation to the power of the ancient flame, the fire that feeds us and the fire that eats us. It’s about putting demons into art, protecting the old ways, and sent the listener into the dark demon filled universe of BLODARV. It’s a hail to lust and blasphemy, to powerful energies, to the moon and the beast of the night, and to all the powers we got inside. It’s a hail to the nights where the flame burns bright, where souls and demons and worlds unite, it’s a hail to the power with a thousand names, a hail to the power of the ancient flame..A celebration of the thousands of nights spend in the illuminating darkness
Blodarv have been a dominating force in both the Danish metal scene and the international metal scene. What do you feel has been the key to the band’s long-lasting career?
The key is that there’s still something that burns in on our hearts, a flame that grows higher for each passing year, and constantly feeds the urge to speak the words that needs to be spoken, and to unleash demons that needs to be unleashed. Also we have never kneeled to the main stream circus but instead remained ourselves and been true to our art, keeping completely artistic freedom as a band. Honesty, Dedication, and the will to sacrifice everything else for the art of Blodarv, is some of the keywords.  That being said, I don’t see it as a “career” though. Careers end’s, and Blodarv is constant. It’s my life work, and it will go on until the day I die.  Last but not at least we also owe a lot of it to our incredible loyal fans and followers, of which of many of them has supported the band since the early days and still continue to do so.
What song do you feel defines Blodarv as a whole?
I can’t choose just one song that completely defines Blodarv as a whole. Every song serves a purpose and has a special meaning and reason for being born and unleashed, and at the same time every song is a part of a bigger puzzle -or a painting in progress if you like- that grows more and more complete for each brush added to it, and we are painting a giant picture here, so when I’m gone from this earth, you can take all the albums, and everything crafted by Blodarv, from the beginning till the end, and that will define Blodarv as a whole. Nothing less
When it comes to writing new material, where does the band draw inspiration from? And how does the songwriting process happen in Blodarv?
I’m constantly writing so usually I have the lyrics -or at least the base of it- ready before the actual track is made, and often the songs are crafted around the lyrics. That being said it’s still a give and take relationship and there are many finer adjustments made to both lyrics and riffs along the way in the process of creating the final result. There are also times when it’s the other way around, were all the riffs are made first and then the lyric comes later. The entire song writing process is really a constant one and therefore I usually refer to as “A creative circle” like when one sound or accord, inspire to another accord, that then inspires to a riff that again inspires to a new riff and so on. But inspiration is many things and comes from everything that surrounds us and everything that’s inside us. Life, death, philosophies, nature, visions, powers, energies, forces, souls, demons, muses, destinies, smells, sounds, emotions, dreams.. The list is endless.
If you could replace the soundtrack to any film/movie with your own music, which one would it be and why?
That’s an interesting question but I actually have no idea. I think I would rather prefer to make a soundtrack for a movie that was in progress rather than changing an already existing one.
How would you describe your music to new listeners?
It’s a manifestation of Blodarvs universe where the demons never sleep, where there are thousands of caves to explore, mountains to climb, rivers to sail, and endless fields of dark power and energies. Its the sound of a million stories and countless worlds within worlds.. It’s hard to describe in words, and should rather be heard than explained I think. The music and lyrics speaks for itself, but both has many layers, and how the listener experience this journey and what they take back with them will depend on the individual.
As Blodarv has been around for 23 years, you obviously have a wealth of experience and wisdom. Is there any that you’d like to pass on to the new bands emerging on the scene?
I could tell you a lot about how you as an emerging band will have to go through years of shitty venues , and labels, deal with idiots, fight, fight and fight and get tons of frustrations and stress and all those other experiences every dedicated band goes through in the beginning, but I’ve always said that it’s better to learn from your own experiences so instead, and for the sake of the art, I’d rather say this: Be willing to go through fire and pain and fight with blood sweat and tears for your art, to sacrifice everything else and put all of yourself into your music, dedicate yourself completely and be honest and true to yourself and your art in all ways. Never do anything half hearted and go into this for the right reasons, and remember nothing comes on its own so work fucking intense, give it your all, and never compromise on your art, not for labels, not for fans, not for anyone. The world doesn’t need another mainstream designed product, it needs dedicated original bands that has something strong and important to bring to the table.
Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers here at the end of the interview?
Keep an eye out for the upcoming full length album “The Illuminating Darkness” and if you want more details about this release or our other activities go to the official Blodarv Website at  or visit the official FB-page, youtube etc.
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