A limited cassette edition of the 2012 BLODARV album "Gâst" has been released today by Blackwood Productions and is now available from the official BLODARV store at or directly from DWP at

"Blackwood Productions are honoured to announce the imminent cassette release of "Gâst" by Danish Black Metal horde BLODARV. Blodarv have carved a name for themselves in the Black Metal underground since the inception in 1994 and "Gâst" their most recent full length -originally released on CD by Self Mutilation Services in 2012- is a stunning slap of raw and passionate Black Metal, perfectly balancing demonic agression and haunting melodies." -BWP

Limited to 100 copies



A Snowy Night In November

I Blaek Og Blod

Korset Paa Baalet

The Heart Of Art

Lonely Journey

Surrounded By Dust

Into The Halls Of Orion


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