New full length album blodarv BLODARVs front man Hugin has been brewing on new tracks and lyrics ever since the band finished the recordings of the Flamekeeper vinyl that was relased by Self Mutilation Services last year, and everyone in the band is right now working intensely and with great eager on the upcoming album that once more will send the fans and followers into a journey down new paths in the illuminating darkness of BLODARVs demonical universe. Concerning the upcoming album Hugin says: “Already after the first 80 hours in the studio, I can honestly say that the new full length will be some of the best we’ve ever made! It will take you down the memory lane to the early and mid 90´s when Black Metal was Black Metal, filled with heart and soul and strong original ideas, unpolluted by the masses and the halfhearted acts that followed the scene in the many years after. This album will open your mind again, leave you breathless and nostalgic, make the hair in the back of your neck stands up, and you’ll remember why you started listening to Black Metal in the first place” *Further details about the upcoming album will be revealed later this year here on the official BLODARV website Additional BLODARV information: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud: Webshop: Twitter: Reverbnation: Myspace: Management: Record label: For Interviews & booking, contact BLODARV: