BLODARV “FLAMEKEEPER” RELEASED ON HALLOWEENS NIGHT ON 7” VINYL & BOX EDITION!! Blodarv Albums i kassevis   “FLAMEKEEPER” 7” EP Limited to 500 copies “FLAMEKEEPER” “CEREMONIAL BOX” Edition Limited to 50 units From the illuminating darkness, the demons speaks again! The long awaited BLODARV “Flamekeeper” vinyl was released on Halloween night this Saturday October 31. 2015 on Self Mutilation Services As fans and followers knows, nothing is done half-hearted in BLODARV and this new release is no different. Its in all ways a unique release, and the diehard edition especially, coming with some very special extras included that you surely haven’t received with any album before. Beside from being the first album release with newest BLODARV member Fjorgynn on drums, the “Flamekeeper” 7” EP is also be the first vinyl release from the band in 10 years! The Ep is as stated above, released in a regular version limited to 500 copies & a diehard “Cermonial box” limited to only 50 units on SELF MUTILATION SERVICES.  “Flamekeeper” itself, is a release that is very personal to Hugin, who wants it to be a very special hail to the fans, some of whom have been following for more than twenty years, since the release of the “Misanthropia/Misanthropia demo” back in 1994 which marked the first step planted on a journey that with time would become BLODARV as we know it today. To this end, the frontman has gone to great lengths to hand craft some of the contents in the box edition himself, and has ensured that the label sourced a high quality wooden box that will be a collector’s item for years to come. “Ten times of candles five, ancient flame stay tonight, with fire, air, blood and stones, a piece of your strength I put in these bones!”
Concerning the Flamekeeper EP Hugin says : “We have a strong connection to our fans and followers, that’s why I crafted the fifty amulets out of the goat bones, and why I choose to put one in each of the limited box sets together with one of the candles used in the ceremony for the most diehard fans... The new tracks on “Flamekeeper” salutes the power of the ancient flame, the fire that feeds us and the fire that eats us. Its about putting demons into art, protecting the old, and once again send the listener into the dark demon filled universe of BLODARV. It´s about creating great Black Metal and also give the fans something unique and personal together with the album beside the music, like it was done in the early years of the Black Metal Underground. Its a hail to lust and blasphemy, to powerful energies, to the moon and the beast of the night, to the powers we got inside, to the nights where the flame burns bright, where souls and demons and worlds unite, it’s a hail to the power with a thousand names, a hail to the power of the ancient flame. For thousands of  nights in its illuminating darkness “.
Box set includes:
  • EP box – A carved wooden box  for storing all the objects included
  • Flamekeeper 7" EP – In black vinyl
  • EP cover - same as regular version of ”Flamekeeper” limited to 500 units
  • Back Patch- 23 cm embroidered
  • Sticker – 9 x 9 cm
  • 2 Lyric/photo sheets – one photo sheet and one lyric sheet
  • Necklace/amulet- Crafted from goat bones From the island of Bornholm (The bones that also features on EP cover). Necklaces are numbered by hand on back of necklace
  • Black candle- from the ceremony during which the necklaces/amulets was crafted
  • Black jewelry bag- for necklace/amulet
  • Guitar pick – 0,73mm with” Flamekeeper“print and BLODARV Logo (two-side print)

“Flamekeeper” 7 EP (Regular Ed.) includes: Cover, Lyric-sheet and EP in black vinyl. Both versions of “flamekeeper” can be ordered from the official BLODARV Shop and Self mutilation Services  &
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